[Part II] Is there a Housing Bubble in Hong Kong?

The domestic property price indice for Hong Kong has tripled since 2009, according to latest data from the Rating and Valuation Department of HKSAR. With continue skyrocketing property prices for domestic, office, retail and flatted factories, there has been controversies about whether a bubble exist in the Hong Kong property market. What is a Housing [...]


[PART I] 35 Years to Buy a House, Is This Okay?

HONG KONG – According to Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey 2017, Hong Kong has been ranked No.1 as the city with the most unaffordable housing for seven consecutive years. The IHAS evaluates as ‘severely unaffordable’ if the housing affordability rating is higher than 5.1 and Hong Kong’s median multiple of 2016 turned out to be [...]

Introduce You The Other Hundred of the World

The 100 Most Influential Business Men, The Most Influential Women, The 100 Global Celebrities Listing might be one of the fundamental drives of us. We always see the lists of people evaluated and ranked by whom we do not know. Lists like Fortune 500 or Forbes 30 Under 30, are what we always wonder and [...]

A Horror Story in Universities: Free Riders & Drivers, Who Run the Car?

‘Then how about the controversy on global warming?’ Soon after the message is sent, blue ticks appeared, indicating that all group members have read it. My fingers pound against the desk, with same beat as the clock tick-tocks. I take a a deep breath, and send the last message, ‘Any thoughts? Anyone?’ Two blue ticks again with silence. [...]

The Legend of Hong Kong Toys

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46yrJmxUf7M The Hong Kong Museum of History holds "The Legend of Hong Kong Toys" exhibition from March 2 to May 15. The exhibition displays toys of different eras, allowing audience from various age groups to recall their childhood and learn about the history of toy manufacturing. Location: Hong Kong Museum of History, Tsim Sha Tsui [...]